Services: Surveying


Hydrographic Surveys

      Dock Surveys

      Pipeline River Crossing Inspection Surveys

      Site Development Surveys

      Maritime Accident Investigations

      Dredging Surveys

      Construction Pay Quantities

Pipeline Route Surveys

      Route Selection

      Title Abstracting

      Right-of-Way Acquisition

      Permit Acquisition

      Construction Layout

      Aerial Photography

      Alignment Sheets

      "As-Built" Record Maps

      Pipeline Integrity Management (PIM) Services

Industrial Site Surveys

      Boundary Surveys

      Topographic Surveys

      Laser Scanning

      Environmental Surveys

      Volume Surveys for Tank Secondary Containment

      Survey Control Networks

      Forensic Accident Studies

      Construction Layout

      Post-Construction Record Maps

      Digital Color Mapping

      Expert Witness Testimony

Green Energy Infrastructure Projects

      Surveys for Carbon Capture, Utilization and Sequestration (CCUS) Projects

      Surveys for Industrial Plant Expansions to Accommodate New Process Units

      Greenfield Construction Surveys for New Industrial Plant Complexes

      Pipeline Route Selection

      Plats and Legal Descriptions

      Stake-Out and As-Built Construction Surveys