Dependable professionals, from the top down

The company's proven ability to respond promptly, appropriately, and efficiently reflects the superior quality of Hydro Consultants' supervisory personnel. The top flight professional staff is led by some of the nation's most highly respected Professional Land Surveyors and Professional Engineers with credentials that go well beyond the industy standards.

The Hydro Consultants' team includes:

    Registered Professional Land Surveyors licensed in Louisiana and six additional states.

    Registered Professional Civil Engineers licensed in Louisiana.

    Board Certified Hydrographers.

Experienced, trained and ready to serve.

Hydro Consultants' staff experience totals more than 250 years spent providing professional services for virtually every conceivable type of project, under virtually every imaginable set of conditions.

Additionally, Hydro Consultants' field personnel undergo rigorous and extensive training. This training includes safety certification courses as well as regularly scheduled technical continuing education.